Lucien Roux
Nature suivante

September 14 — 19, 2 — 6pm

Opening September 14, 6 — 9pm

Rivoli Building

Chaussée de Waterloo, 690

1180 Brussels

This exhibition is part of the program of

Brussels Drawing Week 2021

Lucien Roux studies how scientific discoveries and technological progress influence the landscape representation. He draws and paints from mass media and movie pictures.

For the exhibition Nature Suivante, he creates a series of airbrush drawings based on the study of Mars pictures. Between fantasies of extraterrestrial life, desire for conquest and scientific research, he underlines the power of fascination that the spatial infinite still exerts on our collective unconscious and questions the role of images in the construction of a Martian myth.

Le Balcon

 is an independent nomadic collective, based in Brussels, aiming to develop links between contemporary artistic practices, ecology and new technologies.

Promoting exchange and transversality between practices, Le Balcon questions the modes of conception, production, and exhibition of the local emerging scene.

Le Balcon was founded by Marion Adrian and Fiona Crott.